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Human: Can be either tech or magic based, tend to live in cities based around the comfort of the new technologies that the steam based generator has provided.

Elf: Tend to be more magic based but some elves have given up their magical base to live with the humans in the new cities that have been springing up.

Half-elf: No preference in magic/tech biases, but more tend to lean towards tech since most are born in the new human/elf/halfling cities.

Dwarf: Tech bonus, most live in the mountains in their old homelands. some families have given up the mountains to give the human cities their help with discovering new technologies.

Eladrin: Live in the forests, hate all the new technologies because they feel it goes against everything they live for.

Dragonborn: Been on this world so long they are now part of the natural order of things. Because of that they use either magic or technology. They share space with the dwarves in the mountains.

Halfling: Technolocially based, they have migrated to the new human cities. They also trade with the Tieflings, selling goods to/from the tieflings from/to the humans.

Tiefling: They are an exotic race, living in the desert.

Main Page

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